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Fit2Be Cancer Free Challenge

"Fit2Be came at a time this year that reminded us all how important it is to do our screenings in a timely manner. After going on this journey with my incredible Airswift team, I feel the power of our company and the type of support we always extend to each other.”

- Janette Marx, 2023 Fit2Be Champion and CEOs Against Cancer Greater Houston Chapter Member

Help us end cancer as we know it, for everyone. By joining fellow CEOs and others in our Fit2Be Cancer Free Challenge you’re promoting cancer prevention through health activity in the workplace.


Research shows that poor diet and physical inactivity are two factors that can increase your cancer risk.


This simple, virtual challenge promotes cancer prevention, empowers employees through healthy activity in the workplace, and raises money to help end cancer as we know it, for everyone. Our Fit2be Cancer Free Challenge will kickoff on April 18, 2024 with a CEO challenge and 3-week Employee Challenge.


The CEO Challenge is a motivational one-day challenge where CEOs across the country compete to go the furthest distance from midnight that day until 11:59pm that evening.


The 3-week Employee Challenge runs from April 18 -May 9, 2024 and takes participants through a virtual journey, encouraging steps each day and engaging employees through our motivational milestones. Employees compete within their company but can also see how their company is stacking up against others on our challenge leaderboard.


Our Fit2Be Challenge is powered by MoveSpring for simplicity and ease. To speak with your American Cancer Society partner in Houston, please email Alissa Ruiz, Senior Corporate Relations Manager, at

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Workplace Health Assessment

The workplace health assessment tool provides companies with customized recommendations for improving the health of their workplace by maximizing the utilization of health care benefits, company policies, wellness oriented programs, communication and tracking efforts. This assessment process helps build a healthier work environment by using evidence-based strategies to control health care costs, increase employee productivity, improve morale and attract and retain employees.  
It consists of a 60 question survey focusing on benefit design, written policy, in-office programming, tracking and communication and is conducted by American Cancer Society corporate partners staff.  Companies then receive a customized, action-based report measuring the corporate health culture against national best practices and benchmarks surrounding five areas: tobacco control, cancer screening, healthy eating, physical activity and cancer care.


Colorectal Cancer Screening Awareness

Colorectal cancer is a major public health problem. It is the second leading cause of cancer death, and a cause of considerable suffering among more than 135,000 adults diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year. However, colorectal cancer can be detected early at a curable stage, and it can be prevented through the detection and removal of precancerous polyps. 

The CEOs Against Cancer Greater Houston Chapter stand united in the belief that they can eliminate colorectal cancer as a major public health problem. We have screening technologies that work, the national capacity to apply these technologies, and effective local models for delivering the continuum of care in a more organized fashion. As such, our CEO companies will work to empower communities, patients, providers, community health centers, health systems, employers and others to embrace these models and develop the partnerships needed to deliver coordinated, quality colorectal cancer screening and follow up care that engages the patient and empowers them to complete needed care from screening through treatment and long-term follow-up.

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